Monday, 19 October 2009

The Winds of Change

After considering recent events, I've decided to shed all but the last two postings, It may seem drastic but I don't want to risk having to wrestle in the gutter with lawyers and other vulgar undesirables.. The penalties are severe and the legal definitions vague enough to allow anyone who can afford it to wipe the floor with anyone who can't. Now that I have received one complaint, I fear others will follow. Also I can't rule out the possibility that I've been reported maliciously by one of several web-creeps that tend to slither along after me (that's why I had to start moderating comments a few weeks ago). If that is the case then this would just keep happening.

However, this is not the end of Bad Penny Blues - I intend to continue, albiet more carefully and with some different material. Actually this has come at a good time as I was running short of new pics and having to recycle old ones. I hope also, to start publishing my own artworks soon but give me time. I haven't drawn for over ten years and need to get some practice. Of course many of the "safe to publish" old faithfuls will be appearing here too.

This is a good time too, to thank all of you who have shared in the fun over the past seven months - you've been wonderful and I hope my revised antics entertain you.In the meantime, here's some  cheesecake.


  1. i have enjoyed your blogs so much please keep it up you can use any of my pics and about time i started drawing again

  2. sad. I'm sorry to see you go. Maybe I should invite you over to Stockings Addict for a guest post sometime? :-)

  3. Oh, I'm going to carry on blogging, have no fear!
    Though I will be more careful about content I intend to be at least as disgraceful as ever.
    But thanks for your concern - I'm touched, and I'd be honoured to do a guest post.

  4. Hi Pen,

    SO good to see you adapting to this!

    I adore the cautionary tale and am glad it made the cut.

    I think it is wise to simply start again.

    You are marvelous!

    debbie, usa

  5. Thanks debbie, nice to hear from you. Another cautionary tale coming up later today.