Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wish I Could Do That!

Well..........sometimes perhaps, maybe - you know, in those idle daydreams one sometimes has.....


  1. A nice eclectic mix as usual, B-P. Part of the appeal is that 'what on earth?' factor you get from viewing these without their original context. It's fun trying to figure out what could be going on in some of them.

    I think numbers 14 and 15 in this post score highest on the bizarro scale, and picture 20 raises an interesting question for me: if a woman gets frisky with a centaur, is she liable to be accused of bestiality? I guess just kissing should be ok. Thinking about it, being a centaur would be pretty cool, like being Mr Ed but a hundred times better. And presumably by definition you're automatically hung like a horse!

  2. I agree with what you say about context but nonetheless, some of them are still pretty strange even in their original context!

    As for Mr Ed and his lady admirers - I'm given to understand that they are "just good friends". :)