Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mrs Silk's Refugees

If you are a regular user of Mrs Silk's chat room you may be wondering what's happened and where everyone has gone. The complete change of format was launched without any prior warning (or even rumour) last Friday.
While there are positive aspects to the new-style Silk's there are drawbacks as well. Chief among these is it's slowness and that free membership appears to be a promotional offer of one year. Presumably after that you will have to pay. It doesn't seem to have gone down well with most of the community and you will find many of the usual suspects at Elaine's splendid chat room. You could also try the lovely Lucinda's which I have not yet checked out myself.


  1. One other drawback fo the new Silks is that you cannot paste URLs into the chat (at least in public). That then means of course that no-one woudl be able to recommend http://badpennyblues.blogspot.com/ to the uninitiated, without a great deal of shenanigins...

    That alone should be a killer.


  2. Or any other website.....However I understand that if you omit the http:// at the beginning it's enough to fool the filter. I think most, if not all, browsers will find the address without it.

  3. I just want to be totalled controlled by someone

  4. I just want to be totalled controlled by someone