Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Perils of Patsy

Once again our intrepid heroine finds herself in hot water. This time she tries working as an office temp with all too predictable results.


  1. Good heavens - the poor downtrodden chap in knickers and stockings bending over the sofa and the lady with the cane - I think I used to own that magazine 18 years ago. It was a bumper edition called Femdom (subtitle - 'an opus in female domination')and was accompanied by a prose tract entitled 'knicker domination' - a well-written account of how strict wives should 'knicker' their meek husbands.

  2. Good heavens indeed! I came across this one recently and immediately fell in love with it's powerfully erotic atmosphere. The expression on the face of "Madame" is a story in it's own right.

    Thanks a lot for telling me it's source. I'm always fascinated to know where these images originated.

  3. Lets have some more pics from that very source Penny please if you can find them. I too found the facial expression on Madam's face 'erotic' in its own right. Is she thinking " shall i give him 1 or 2 dozen strokes ....mmmmmnnnnn....maybe 3 dozen???"
    How i yearn to take his place,