Sunday, 28 November 2010

Magic Carpet Ride

It's Sunday. So let's all relax, take a good long pull on our hookahs and get rubbing on those dusty old lamps. Plant your bottoms on the carpet, rugs on your heads and we're off. Ladies (and gents) of a certain age may care to enhance the experience with this musical link.


  1. Wow :)
    So ready to get dressed, spanked, or peed upon by Wife!! Any one will do... :D

    Love that surreptitious "tenting" in the dress as he/she is pushed against the wall, btw...

    Hanging upside down, yep, that looks great too!!

  2. thanks again Bad Penny love the sissy boys, next to last picture.

    still want to do time in Her Majestys Prison Bad Penny, what do i have to do to get arrested?????
    humbly yours as ever

  3. Goodness me! hanging upside with bloomers over your head....imprisonment in boots. What have I started! I think the most appropriate method for you, bootsie, would be furtively stuffing said items under your blouse in a shoe shop.

  4. i have thought about it Bad Penny but would i get buxom female warders to abuse and torment me.
    like some of the women in the Chris art, a subby can only dream, plus with a pair of boots down my blouse i'd be too stiff to run