Friday, 17 December 2010

Some Kinds of Love

                                   Put jelly on your shoulder,
                                   Let us do what you fear most,
                                   That from which you recoil,
                                   But which still makes your eyes moist,
                                   Put jelly on your shoulder,
                                   Lie down upon the carpet,
                                   Between thought and expression,
                                   Let us now kiss the culprit,
                                   I don't know just what it's all about,
                                   Put on your red pajamas and find out.

                                                 The Velvet Underground - Some Kinds of Love


  1. wow just did a google search for you
    you are up there with humphrey littelton


  2. I hope you aren't saying I'm listed under "deceased". That would be a tad premature!

    Actually I'm a great fan of the mighty Humph and consider it quite an honour.

  3. your blog never ceases to give me enjoyment bad penny. and i like the idea of you being my wicked aunt in the chris style of buxom dominating ladies

  4. Thank you bootsie, I'm quite flattered by that. Just so long as you don't steal my gin or tangle my knitting.