Sunday, 10 April 2011


News has filtered through to me that one of the boy-band Blue (Britain's entrants in the dreary Eurovision Song Contest), believes that the world is secretly ruled by 7ft alien reptiles. An easy enough mistake to make when one views the antics of our leaders. However, WE all know that the planet is actually controlled by 12ft plump, bossy women from the Andromeda Spiral, whose ultimate goal is to feminise and enslave all Earthling males in order to sell them to an intergalactic chain of  orbital bordellos. Don't we?


  1. Hi love the update as always,

    what story is the first Puyal drawing from and is it available online anywhere?

    i love the constrast between jocks and the sissy!


  2. The short answer is - I don't know. Much as I love his work I've never yet got round to buying any of the books. A good place to ask is at Carol Jean's excellent Petticoat Punishment Art website.

    If you email her a copy of the picture I'd appreciate it if you "forget" where you found it.


  3. Ref the twelve foot bossy women, how come we never saw them on Star Trek, just imagine Spock as a sissy licking the bossy womans boots!!!
    OK i was just imagining it was me not Spock

  4. But that's illogical captain..........


  5. That 12th illustration, the one with the Aunt and that gorgeous boi, is the one that first made me fill my panties. Nothing ever quite like that first glimpse that another life was possible. God I did so love it.

    Sandra Silk

  6. Yes - it's such a charming little domestic scene.

  7. Ohhh I love your blog...

    I have seriously had it up on my screen for *days*, going through older posts..

    i tHiNk iTs wArPiNg mY mInD!

    Oh. wait. It was *already* warped! ;D

    --tia, slave to Mistress Cherie