Thursday, 18 August 2011

Gals and Dolls

Bad Penny Blues proudly presents it's kaleidoscopic Grand Summer Intergalactic Gender Circus and Free Orgy/Riot. Don't bother trying to work out which is which - categories are old fashioned and discredited - You is what you am.


  1. third from the top is the best:-)

  2. i love that woman with the fur coat she looks so strict , just what i need

  3. Great post, as always! I opened the large version of the photo of the maid toward the bottom of the page and then my browser got stuck on the photo! If it had stayed on that pic one second longer, i would've fallen in love with her!

  4. Thank you all for your positive comments! I tried something slightly different this time and wasn't sure it would be appreciated.

    Wanilianna - Several people have told me the same, which surprised me. I wasn't that keen and even considered taking it out.

    Dimmube - I agree totally - she is Strictness on legs. Though I'm not sure whether she is really a woman.

    Ashley - It seems to me that your browser needs to take a cold shower! Once again, I'm not sure whether she is male or female.

  5. i don't care penny , i might find a nice surprise , maybe she can tame me by smelling her stockinged feet