Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Wisdom of Hindsight

The call came just as you were going to bed. A mysterious lady with a seductive voice and a heart-melting laugh. No she said - you wouldn't know her - but she had seen you often and was fascinated by you. And you would go to her party, wouldn't you? She'd be so pleased. Oh....and you were so red-blooded, so man-not-mouse, that you went to her the next night. And you we so delighted when you realised you were the only man at the party. But you're so, so much wiser now than you were then - aren't you, millicent? Do straighten your stocking seams girl. Our gentlemen customers are arriving soon.

And as for you disreputable'll sight plenty of hinds among the following images.........


  1. and who is the lucky gurl in question in the last pic BP?

  2. loved the introduction bp and the last picture, well you could almost smell the burning rubber

  3. adorable - love the Kim Wilder art works and your clever captions are fab! xxx