Friday, 17 January 2014

Page Two Sensation!

By judiciously investing my Amazon gift tokens from Christmas I've acquired a super-whizzy video editor. Each week you can now click on the "Moving Images" tab just above this post and see a video version of the latest blog and any other old junk I can throw together. Hopefully this will serve the needs of the busy "pervert-on-the-go" with no time to browse. Yes - I know they probably don't have time to read this either - humour me, it's a new toy.

1 comment:

  1. Nice assortment of images. Can you add more images of feminized males either tricked or forced by their sisters, Moms or Aunts vs more spankings ? Loved the photo from "Christeen " she or he is one my favorites on the web and the "split " clothes images were intriguing. Still waiting for more Gene Bilbrew. And what's happening with Michael ;Michele ( Last shown in May of 2013 I believe )? I look forward to your updates. Can you do it more often maybe ?