Friday, 7 March 2014

Stone Idles

Hello once more porn-peepers! It's a warm sunny afternoon here and I don't feel remotely guilty about all you wet and freezing folk. After all, I've given you something to look at now.



  1. Not bad ; I still like the tricked or gentle feminization of young boys or men over forced spanking or bondage. Still you do have some good pics and sometimes a photo or an old advertisement that is astounding. I used to peruse the "Fredricks Of Hollywood " mail order catalogs, just to see what little frilly filmy nothings were being offered for sale I had no idea they sold those kinds of things. Keep posting please and I'll comment periodically.

  2. My favorite, the school girls forcing a boy too be dressed as a school girl, panties and all? So " sweet, and the other one a cartoon a guy in bra and panty getting his hair washed by force? By a tough woman! Yvonne S.