Friday, 30 May 2014

Closet Carnival

If you're isolated and feeling ashamed and guilty why not throw a Gala Closet Party? Come on.....I've got some aspirin and cola and banana skins - let's party!



  1. Overall a nice assortment 0f pictures and captions , I still prefer the tricked or forced feminization of boys and men into girls or women. Liked the one with sissy all in PINK ! ; truly priceless. I understand some like the BDSM and spankings too ; I liked the woman teaching a boy to carry a book on his head and some other captions. Still waiting for Michael / Michele further "developments " ( Last seen in May, 2013 I think ) and I'd like to see more Bilbrew's excellent pictures -Leslie's Adventures in Petticoat-land and others. Keep posting and I'll keep commenting.

  2. just adore those first two pics!! Kiss Kiss - Sissy Claire!

  3. Priceless Myra Breckenridge still! xxx