Saturday, 21 June 2014

Don't Ask Me

No time for words this week - I have a house full of self-invited, gluttonous, opinionated, stupid, self-righteous and all round thoroughly disgusting garbage who happen to be my family staying with me (the words "wipes" and "arse" tend to come to mind). Thank God you can pick your friends for yourself!



  1. Not a bad potpourri selection, Penny. I still like the tricked or gentle feminization captions / pictures ; some forced like the classic Bilbrew pics. Still to each their own. When will we see what happened with Michael / Michelle ? ( Last seen in May-April of last year ). Last I recall he was being given his injections in his scrotum by Mommy ; his breasts were slowly budding and his hair and makeup were almost exactly like Mum's. Don't keep us is suspense forever. please ?
    Always look forward to your updates