Saturday, 28 June 2014

Playing Hard-to-Get

Hello my dear closet-haunters. This week we're going to try something absolutely new to you all. First, you can put that box of tissues down - NOW! That's right, just there on the table, casually - as if they've just been left there. Now.....flounce past them with your eyelashes fluttering, your lips in a moist pout, your bottom wiggling and scroll down through these works of art. Your tissues will now be quite rampant. throw them a sultry glance over your shoulder as you clip your second stocking on.......mmmm alright then but be gentle with me please.


  1. Great pleasures await you when you visit the pages of Perth Escorts ! Go now!

  2. Really liked the pictures featuring the Blondes and the "Makeup Classroom "! Always wondered how girls learned how to to "put -on " their faces. Now I finally know ; of course they go to school to learn how to properly mascara their eyelashes, put on false-eyelashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, rouge, and all the rest of it. I thought Mothers taught their daughters all that stuff.
    Can we see an update on "Michael / Michele " soon maybe ?