Sunday, 1 March 2015

Here be Dragons

A very handsome, dashing and thoughtful man called Jeff emailed me last night to say Google have reversed their censorship policy. If you are ever in Mrs Silk's chat room Jeff....don't be shy - just knock the door of my boudoir and I'll show you what my gratitude can be like xxxx
Though I still don't trust Google and will be blogging from a new site in a month or so. Stay tuned for the link

I appreciate that non Celtic folk may experience difficulty with  spontaneous crying. You didn't really think I'd neglect you in your hour of need, did you my precious cherubs?

Patsy Lusch - Star of Bedroom, Porn Video and Canal St. after midnight....

This Is Your Life!

Isn't she an absolute sweetie? All you big, strong handsome men go to her Tumblr Blog
and see more intimate pics of her amusing antics.

 I'd Like to thank all of you who left comments expressing your support in the last week. You've been wonderful! You're all wonderful in fact - There'd be no Bad Penny Blues without it's regular visitors. xxxxx


  1. it's a pleasure being one of your satisfied pervo's bad penny, may your blog last as long as my supply of marigolds :)

  2. Marigolds! Really bootsie dear! I would have thought you'd be more ethnically sensitive and used daffodils this time. Luckily for you I'm very kind hearted and will overlook it this time.


  3. Dear auntie Penny, may I visit your boudoir at Mrs Silks chat room? If so what is your name there? Kisses xxx

    A meek boy

  4. Awww....what a dear, sweet and polite little lambkins! Yes, of course you may visit my perfumed sanctum. But please, don't expect me to re-enact the contents of this blog - I rarely indulge in cyber play these days. Believe it or not, I flaunt my exquisite bottom at Silk's house of shame under the name of "bad-penny" (capital letters are so vulgar, wouldn't you agree?).