Tuesday, 20 October 2009


In keeping with my new policy of not publishing anything unless I'm reasonably sure the artist is dead or an anonymous amatuer probably grateful for a mention, I'd like to bring this little fable back to light. It may not be great art but it has an immediacy, passion and expressiveness that the work of professional artists often lacks. I like it anyway.


You have to laugh, it's just as well I have a strange sense of humour. There I was, blithely posting what I thought of as "orphan" works of art and within an hour or so of posting I discover that the artist has not only a name but also a website dedicated to his work. See it HERE - it's well worth a look. Many thanks to Johnk who alerted me to this with his comment. I suppose what really makes me split my sides is the title I chose for this post. I'll say one thing for obeying the law - it's a laugh a minute!

What passes for normal service will be resumed when or if possible.


  1. I really like Nate's stories, I have what I think is all of them, but you never know. And I agree 100% with you on his passion for telling them.


  2. At last! I have a name for this artist, many thanks John.
    Erm....If you are reading this Mr Nate, could you please accept this as a written request for permission to reproduce your work.

  3. I do believe he's from England, if you like I can email you the others, plus I have quite a few drawings done by him?


  4. Yes John, I'm sure he's English - the language used is unmistakeable. As I am such a law abiding citizen I can't possibly be seen to accept images without their owner's consent - but you can email me by clicking on my profile pic.