Saturday, 16 January 2010

And Finally.....

I've had one of those frustrating days when every time I've started to get something done someone or other has hijacked my attention for the most trivial and spurious of reasons. Today's post is late and if it looks as if it was thrown together distractedly - it was! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi B-P. 'Thrown together' doesn't have to be a bad thing. It reminds me of the 'lucky dip' bags of sweets and toys we used to buy as kids: your posts continue to provide similarly delightful suprises!

    I love the two decorating ladies, who on the evidence of those photos are probably still trying to finish off that job several decades on! I do sympathise, though - I always start a DIY job on a whim before realising I'm not appropriately dressed for it, and then there are dozens of distractions - although while I've had wallpaper stick to me before I've never yet managed to wrap myself up in it completely.

    Kind regards,


  2. Lol...yes, I too have fond memories of the great Lucky Bag. I love also all the old "Spick" and "Span" photos, especially these domestic settings. There's an air of playful innocence about them that I find far more engaging than the current trend for graphic detail.