Saturday, 30 January 2010

Heavenly Bodies and Dark Stars

The poetry of pulchritude and the kinkiness of kitsch all bundled into an easy mindbite. I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  1. fabulous retro lingerie ads and bd pin up porn. WOW! This is what my dreams were made of just a few years ago. Brings back memories. Great blog.
    PS - please take a look at mine

  2. The first photo all the way! I love looking at vintage lingerie ads, and I wish all the gorgeous thing that were available then were still available now.

  3. Thank you Andrea and Treacle, I wish all this stuff was still in the shops too. Don't give up hope yet - I'm working on a time machine! :)

  4. Wow, the lady in the Triumph ad hits the spot. I have a thing for haughty women, especially those with the confidence to swan around in their undies and not care who sees them.

    I'm not so sure about Dr Josephs' Nose Corrector, though. I'd say you only want to wear that during the day if you're not planning on leaving the house.

  5. Well it's no worse than deely-boppers but the the 70s have been called the "decade that style forgot"
    To be honest I posted it because of it's (presumably accidental) resemblance to bondage paraphernalia. That sort of thing tickles my warped sense of humour.