Friday, 23 April 2010

Wrong as Usual

Well...the good news is that I was completely wrong with my prediction regarding Mrs. Silk's free chat room. Predictions are like that; we think the future is up there in front of us while all the time it's lurking just around the corner. This is why Nostradamus and his ilk always talk in face-saving riddles. Fortunately for me, I have no sense of shame.


  1. Interesting pictures. The three young women sat on a mound in dufflecoats, stockings and one with a beehive - where's that from? - I wonder if there's a site that does those sort of old black and white retro image in high res.

  2. I love that photo, it's British and from c1963/4. There were two popular small format magazines at the time, Spick and Span which published many of these "girl-next-door" glamour photos. Just Google "Spick and Span photos" to find plenty of examples - some of them offering Hi Res downloads for sale.

  3. excellent link thanks for reminding me of these magazines.