Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day

The first of May or the nearest weekday is a public holiday in most of Europe, Russia and many other countries throughout the world. Traditionally it's a day to celebrate the founding of labour unions and the achievements of workers. As I no longer work I'll express my fraternal solidarity by posting some pictures by a few of my favourite masters of 1920s and 30s erotic illustration.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi penny happy may day I love the pictures i even loved the one of dobbin he certainly gets around that old fruit doesnt he.xxxlesley xxx

  2. Thank you comrade lesley. Yes, that Dobbin is a bit of a dark horse.

  3. My favourite today is the picture of the two ladies engaged in a little roadside retribution. Perhaps every vehicle should have a flogger in the glove box for disciplinary emergencies!

    Do you suppose the spankee has forgotten to fill up with petrol, or is she just guilty of reckless driving? Either way, she doesn't look particularly sorry.

  4. :)..Yes I agree, it's a delightful little scene. I'm not sure what it's all about but I am working my way through the story it illustrates (purely to improve my French you understand). Perhaps when I know I'll repost it with an explanation.