Monday, 28 June 2010

Sceptred Isle

Rumours have arrived with the fromage and the paté here at chez Penny that the English have done rather badly in some game or other (not the one with the bat and long trousers I think - the other one where they hang up nets and shout a lot).  Now, being Welsh I could laugh but instead I'll dedicate this post to all disappointed fans with a taste for the sexually unusual. Better luck next time.


  1. Oh my. Ladies with paddles - lots of them! Another reason (along with the [i]scorchio[/i] weather) to be grateful for cold showers.

    Thanks, B-P. You made my day, yet again! :)

  2. Should be a double phew!! LOL Agree with the writer above me.


  3. Thank you both. I'm glad you enjoyed. Perhaps I should organise a regular "Red Bottom Day" and raise funds as well as temperatures.

  4. Question: I found your 9th image very hot. It is the one with the text that starts "Jack cringed in humiliation". Any idea where this came from or if there is more to this particular story???