Monday, 2 August 2010

Do You Dream In Pink?

Bad Penny Blues presents the download and print erotic dreaming guide. No longer will your detailed accounts of last night's dream bore your friends into falling asleep themselves.


  1. gorgeous pictures pen so erotic and feminine without being smutty although i do like a bit of smut from time to time hence my occasional visits to silks.Do I dream in pink???NEVER !!!!always blue sweetheart true true blue xxxxxhope you are keeping well and happy xxx lesley xx

  2. great pics again is anybody on silkenfold these days?

  3. Well lesley, let's face it - you have a very high smut threshold dear. By blue I assume you mean blue as in "blue films".

    Nice to hear from you xxxx

  4. Thank you Anonymous, I'm glad you like them. If by Silkenfold you mean the chat room on the Silkenfold site then probably no. You'll find all the usual (and unusual) suspects on....

  5. Hi Penny,Nice pics.XXX Fetish from Mrs silk's chat room

    1. Hello Mr Fetish, how lovely to find you here delving in the archives. It's been interesting for me, reviewing this old post. Be prepared to see some of these images recycled soon.