Sunday, 17 October 2010

Forbidden Fruit Sundae

Three short new strips on the Comix page today for your edification and amusement and on this page another wander through the Hall of Shame. Happy viewing.


  1. dear Bad Penny i love the artist that makes the pictures like the one 23 shots down in your current rotation. Can you tell me about the artist and whaere you got them they are all so cute and i love em

  2. Hello maya......I only came across them last week and like you I'm very taken with them. All I know of the artist so far is that he's called Rodzo. You can see a gallery of his works at this link..

  3. hope you dont mind me commenting again bad penny but the male humiliation is just so delicious
    boot lover
    honest im not a stalker

  4. Oh bootsie, you can comment all you like - your comments are always welcome here. I only wish more people would leave a message.