Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Proper Little Madames

Here they come. Mincing, pouting and blushing, tottering on sky-high heels and swishing their abundant petticoats with their ever-wiggling bottoms. See their stockings and bouffants shine. Hear their clattering heels and girlish giggles. Of course, this is all because dreadful, cruel, domineering women force them to dress like this........don't they?


  1. oh bad penny i almost fainted withpleasure from this latest offering, i think my favourite is sissy maid cecil, love the two booted women of course, and the look on the mans face is quuite frightening for poor sissy cecil. i assume that it is the wife introducing her parents to her sissy husband

  2. She could be - that's the wonderful thing about pictures. You can make up your own story for them.

  3. You are soooooooooooo Bad .... The headline "Proper Little Madames" enticed my exploration , your explanation of what exactly motivates these Little Madames made me salivate and that was even before viewing the pictures you posted ....... It oooozes the naughtiest of the erotic ..... Stop It Please :)x