Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Directoire Enquiries

I've been nagged for some time now by fans of directoire knickers (or bloomers to the uninitiated) to flaunt their favourite lingerie across these hallowed pages, and at last I've relented. However, one thing still nags me. Directoire is French for directory. How has "directory" become the name of a style of knickers? Anyone?


  1. Lol....well that's quite a comment Sophia. Live sex even!! And thanks for that information too, I thought I'd heard of a French Directory in history but wasn't sure. I'll sleep peacefully tonight now!

  2. Very exciting. I love that kind of comedy cartoons.. The cocks sticking out in the knickers makes my cock grow in my knickers. I always wear girls knickers they are so much nicer than boys.