Thursday, 2 December 2010

Silk and Satin You Shall Wear

One of the many functions of grandmothers is to burble inane rhymes to babies and small children, thus ensuring that they grow up to be suitably simple-minded and conformist members of their tribe. One of my grandmother's favourites went....

                         (first name, surname) I declare,
                         Silk and satin you shall wear.

Well.........don't ask me what it was supposed to mean. I do know however, that I grew up with a very curly and complex mind and am chronically incapable of conforming. I sometimes wonder if this is what she really intended. If it was then I am deeply grateful.


  1. as long you keep up this blog Bad Penny, i hope you never conform. Brilliant as always I'd like to think the chris cartoon was for me, but maybe i'm getting above my station

  2. Thank you dear. No, it isn't just for you but if it feels as if it is - well, go with it bootsie!