Friday, 21 January 2011

The Big Bad Friday

Yes, I know I'm bad but far more interestingly, I hear rumours today that Big Audio Dynamite (or BAD) plan to reform this year. Is that wise? Can you ever go back? Anyway - I recall very little of the 80s on account of spending almost the entire decade drunk. However, I do have fond memories of  E = MC squared playing on pub jukeboxes as I shambled around Aberdeen in the winter of  '86.

Have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.........


  1. A bumper crop as usual - thanks...

  2. Dear Ms Penny,

    Thank you for the pictures. Of whom are the photographs of the two ladies with a little bit "extra"? They are stunning!

    For a further 80s flashback, not only have Ultravox conducted two highly successful tours, but they're about to release a new album!


  3. The Mistress Cassie cartoon looks a fab piece of art work, the style looks familiar. Who is the artist?

    Maid Bettie xx

  4. Thank you both - I'm glad you enjoyed them. Sadly Nancy, I came by these photos in my ramblings on the web and as usual I have no idea who they are or how long ago they were taken.

    Yes, it seems lately that the past is tne new future as far as music is concerned.