Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Road to Perdition

......Is paved with luxury lingerie and sheer silk stockings. Ignore what the squares tell you and keep your eyes peeled for the shortcut to Paradise


  1. And is this the toll-plaza? Do you issue tickets or can you buy seasons?

    (All this and the delicious Janine in curlers - too much!)


  2. the women in blue stockings is so hot i wish i was her nylonslave that i am.

  3. Apologies to all who have commented in the past five days - I normally reply to comments but I'm in the throes of giving up tobacco so I've been too busy chewing the carpet to respond.

    Well Miss B, I think you qualify for a lifetime free-pass plus a monthly hair-do on the house.

    Yes dimmube, I agree - there is certainly something special about her!

  4. I approve. I travel this road frequently, as you can see, and hope it never leads to an unexpected cul-de-sac. Delay in my response due to logging-in problems.

  5. No culs-de-sac but some astonishing bends and many dark tunnels. Remind me to tell you what "cul" usually means in colloquial French someday. :)