Thursday, 20 October 2011

On This Day

Today is the birthday of several of Bad Penny's heroes. Vast respect and countless happy returns to Tom Petty, Bela Lugosi, Aurthur Rimbaud and Christopher Wren. Of course I realise you couldn't care less so here are some rude pictures to look at.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist doing that


  1. goof stuff bp the prim drawing with the brownies remided me that the scouts are bringing back bob a job, i used to do that when i was a wee scout and one of my jobs was, you've guessed, cleaning shoes including boots for alady i think that is where it all started to go wrong (:

  2. yes! bob a jobbing cleaning out some pervy old guy's potting shed was my first step on the slippery slope xxxx

  3. Goodness me! And to think I never joined because I thought it was too tame.

    Dib Dib Dob dear things....