Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Aftermath

So....... after a month of frantic preparations you've all enjoyed one day of living like those people in the adverts. Was it worth it? - Of course it wasn't! What you could do is avoid alcohol, television and newspapers and by this time next year you'll be amazed how gullible most other people are. There is however, one serious drawback - if you are averse to being considered weird.



  1. i like to think that some of those pictures are just for me bad penny (wishful thinkibg i know) and if i could i would wear my marigolds and do all your washing and cleaning and then polish all of your footwear
    have a very happy new year

  2. nr 10 from Chris i would have it hard not to cum either ph boy would i cream those nylons good, they would be soaking wet thanks for spoiling me Penny happy new year my love xoxoxox

  3. happiest of spanky holidays to you and may the new year be even kinkier xxxxxx