Friday, 23 December 2011

Yule Be Sorry

Your Christmas Special - the usual sordid parade but more of it. Just like the Big Day itself in fact. Do have a nice time , I hope that Auntie Christmas brings you lots of wonderful presents and that all your dongs ding merrily on high.



  1. number 4 from Chris is my favorite also the ones were the boys are getting milked , yes i know i have an being milked obsession but its great to be milked after a spanking

  2. So I'm scrolling down the page, touching myself slightly through my panties (as I normally do when visiting Bad Penny's wonderful blog) and much to my surprise--I see a picture of *myself* being flogged by my own Mistress! No 31 on this page!

    *bright blush* I'm honored & flattered that you liked it enough to put in your blog Penny :)

    Hope you have a pleasant holiday!

    --tia, slave to Mistress Cherie

  3. Another wonderful post, Bad Penny, everyone's little obsessions catered for as usual, from the husband having his bottom toasted in front of the fire by a Stantonesque menacing wife to the wonderful "pretty potty for pretty boys", you are back to your very best. Thanks for all the pleasures over the past year.

  4. naughty Charlie or naughty Charla! xx

  5. Have a wonderful Xmas and New Year Bad Penny and i look forward to more of your posts in 2012.


  6. merry christmas Penny many licks and plenty of cum for you

  7. wonsweful stuff baad penny, i may need another pair of marigolds soon (: