Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dark Times

I delayed posting until today in solidarity with "The Day of Darkness" on Wikipedia and many other internet sites. If you are smart and cool enough to know that this doesn't matter I suggest you try googling SOPA - the law about to be put before the US Congress. If you enjoy blogs like this one, use forums, message boards or read independent reviews - It Matters to You. If you like to use chat rooms, IMs, You Tube or any other web community activities - It Matters to You. Sign the petition by clicking HERE.

If you don't sign it, not only will the likes of Rupert Murdoch be deciding what you can do or see on the web (i.e. passively consume corporate produce) but even worse, Bad Penny will find out and turn you into a frog.


  1. i love jeanine (s)he is so sexy.
    i didn't sign the petition Penny because i don't believe in those things