Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Curiosity Shop

If you're curious look no further. And I know that some of you are very curious indeed. Downright peculiar in fact. All items are free.


  1. i wanna be in Miss Larrup's class xoxoxoxo

  2. Your blog is my favorite and I love the many erections your pics give me. I know you must hate me for all the reposting of your work I do and yet I still want to ask if you know anything about the drawings where mummy seems to always giving junior an enema as sister and the help watch

    1. No - I don't hate you. The images I post here are all freely available on the Web and reposted here.
      As for those pictures, all I know about them is that the artist called himself German and that, not very surprisingly, he came from and/or worked in - Germany. At a guess I'd say they date from the 1930s or 20s and must have been published at some time but I have never seen any books in either the English or French language. Maybe it's worth investigating German language websites.

  3. Since my comment to you I have seen them posted as drawn by Davina