Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Woman Power

Darling?.....(she has this icy way of saying that word that sends your stomach hurtling to the South Pole while your genitals try desperately to scramble up inside your body)......Darling? We can't put this off any longer - it's time we had a little chat. No sweetie, I'm not leaving you. You're so helpless that would be like abandoning a puppy. I'm staying...........but there will need to be some drastic changes here. Yes darling - those changes. Yes, yes I know I was very angry when I said those things but I did mean them. Oh dear.that's it - go on - cry. Here - use my handkerchief. Anyway, you might as well get used to crying.....you'll be doing a lot of it from now on.
What's that?...Sex? Well I certainly will be - now this charade is over I shall invite Charles to come and live here and sleep in my bed. But I'm sure you'll get your share of sex too. After all, I'll still be working late and going away on business. Charles will need all the attentions a loving wife provides while I'm not here and you'll make a perfect little wife for him in my absence. There now....have a good cry - you'll feel better afterwards.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tales From an Aunt's Diary

Auntie knows all about you - and now, so does everybody else. Have a nice weekend dear things.