Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stories Mother Never Told Me

So I had to make up my own. Sometimes neglect can be the greatest of gifts. On another subject entirely, it has come to the attention of B P Blues that the two notorious English trans-trollops abbie and lucy tied the knot last weekend and are now......erm......wife and wife. Sadly no members of the editorial staff here at Blues House were able to attend the ceremony. Which, seeing none were invited to, is probably just as well.


  1. i'm ready for the party Aunt penny , time for my inspection xoxoxo

  2. Maybe you can help me out. What is the name of the artist responsible for the image #6, #11, and #40? And what's the source? You've been posting art by that artist for quite a while and I've never been able to make out the signature. I've been calling them 'HueyB' but that's probably not right.

  3. It's HoneyB GuyB...the picture of the tgirl serving wis wife breakfast is one of my all-time faves...oh to dream. Love the sardax pic of a just spanked maid combing her Mistress' hair out as well. Great post BP.