Friday, 22 March 2013

Are You Weird?

Have you ever wondered just how strange you actually are? Now at last you can take the Bad Penny Blues Deviance Test. just study the images below and then make up your own score and final result. Let's face it - everybody cheats at these things.



  1. Dearest Bad Penny, I so love your blog and wait with bated breath for your latest posts. Thank you ever so much for all the hard work you do to keep your fans entertained and erect. I repost so many of your items I'm sure many think of me as bad penny ll.

  2. i took the quiz and had -- you know this would be -- a high score.

  3. Hi Bad Penny,
    I always look forward to your blog posts. Can you do a caption involving a boy being lovingly trained by his Mummy or Auntie to work in her lingerie shop. Just temporarily of course ?
    Can you post more of Nan Gilbert;s classic pictures ? . Love your art ; I literally tripped across it entirely by accident awhile back. It is becoming a favorite

  4. Yes Bad Penny, i am weird. Lovingly weird :)

    sissy terri