Friday, 12 July 2013

The Gentler Sex

Not you? Never mind.....just scroll down and you'll soon be converted into the docile, meek, simpering creatures you always really were. There now; isn't that better my dears?


  1. Where did you find the picture of the swing and the pussy cat? It's adorable.


  2. All in all , I really like your blogspot captions and pics. I had no idea that the French started the whole idea of Feminization of the males , at least according to your art you've so kindly posted. One of my favorite artists was Gene Bilbrew, who did so many cover and illustrations I've lost count ; another was Bill Ward, whose well-endowed women could probably knock a man out with their huge boobies. One other artist, whose work is new is "Bishop " over at beastv.conm at ; his work is remarkable and is well-rendered. His theme involves forced feminization of males into school-girls, and maids mainly , but it's all in color. Love your stuff, keep it coming.

  3. the Adams pictures are fantastic bad penny, where did you find them

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