Friday, 2 August 2013

Dear Spooks

Hello dear paranoid vermin and welcome to Bad Penny Blues! While many of my co-deviants have been traumatised by recent revelations of your on line snooping. I'm neither surprised not discomforted. After all, given the increasingly warlike and authoritarian stance of our dear leaders (not to mention their corruption) it's only natural for them to want to spy on everyone and it's our job to ridicule them. This is what eventually caused the collapse of the Soviet Union - when they eventually realised the entire population were "dissidents". And no, nobody expected that either.


  1. Well said Penny. Keep it up. We were around before internet snooping and will be around after it. Even if we die we will be replaced by more transvestites. The war won't stop, the bigotry and abuse won't stop, climate change won't stop, and we, the transvestite 'perverts', won't stop. Because we don't have to - it is nothing to do with us- and anyway, 'we're worth it'.

    Okay, bit of a rant but XXXX Dolores

  2. Lovely to think of them all in that great Cheltenham torus, wanking away over your adorable selection of pics.... (which have also made my knickers more than somewhat moist). Kisses! Sissy Claire

  3. A good rant Dolores! It's the same old tedious, enemies desperate to censor and repress anything they don't
    approve of - to hell with them!

    Love the posts