Friday, 6 December 2013

Dear Sir or Madam

Dear sir, madam or balanced blend of the two, I must warn you that this message contains uncomfortable realities and is unsuitable for couch potatoes, morons and spineless cowards.

Yes.....I'm fucking angry. I was about to write a short tribute  to Nelson Mandela when I happened to catch in passing some BBC coverage of the sad news. Oh the crocodile tears of our present generation of political leaders - the very people who who classified him and the struggle for justice he represented as "Terrorism". We need a damn sight more terrorists in this world to rid it of the gangsters who've stolen everything we've built. Seven billion will do quite nicely in fact.

The Guardian's excellent Marina Hyde says it so much better HERE

Hmm.....that's better - now go and enjoy the pictures.


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  1. All I could say, I see London, I see France, this poor little boy has on girly underpants, he's wearing a jumper and frilly blouse, Mary jane shoes and anklets and lip gloss on his mouth I'm sure his toenails are painted pink, his legs were shaved in the sink? What's next for our girly upped boy? A trip to the beauty salon, when his hair gets long and looks like a girl's toy!