Friday, 24 January 2014

Vintage Whine

Roll up, roll up and take a ticket. This is your chance to be feminised and humiliated by ladies in stern corsetry, seamed silk stockings and power slippers!



  1. Another nice assortment. I really liked the forced, tricked or loving done feminization pics or captions ; not so such the BDSM or the spanking ones. To each their own though ; variety is the spice of life. Still waiting for an update on the further "developments " of Michael / Michele ( last seen in May of 2013 I think ). His Mom was helping her develop properly by administering injections of something into her testes ; breasts were growing, hair, and skin too ! Haven't seen anything since. Please don't keep us in suspense. Posted a comment to your last , before you did an "emergency re-post ".Didn't see anything when I looked for reply. Can you post more often ?

  2. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate them but with Google constantly "rearranging the deck chairs" and our old friends the spammers I can't always find the time to reply.

    As for the adventures of michelle we'll all just have to wait and see. I find all these pics randomly on my web crawls and as soon as any new ones turn up I'll post them

  3. I love it women take charge, Make boys and men wear " Panties and Bra's" it's time for your beauty bath,bubbles perfume and soaking , next we're gonna shave you, up and down, smooth as baby? Turn you into a sexy young lady, don't you dare put a fight? I will make your corset uncomfortable, and tight! For my pleasure tonite? Amanda.