Friday, 25 April 2014

Rough Cut

I could say so much but I won't seeing as it's entirely offensive.....

(Bad Penny after subsisting on three cigarettes a day for three weeks has cut her ration to zero - police advise the public not to try approaching her by themselves)



  1. Re the drawing of the boy pooing his pants, it made me revisit my own humiliation when, during a severe bare bottomed caning delivered by my Aunt in front of my (girl) cousins, I had a massive bowel movement. I didn't mess my pants (They had been taken down); my poo hit the study floor with a loud "splodge". My aunt then dressed me down thoroughly before making me kneel over my steaming shit before grabbing my head and rubbing my nose in it.
    Love to see that drawn

  2. i wish i was someones little sissy,that would be heaven