Sunday, 22 February 2015

Back to Basics

But first... A Public Information bulletin.

Remember girls, lingerie rustling is illegal and DANGEROUS!

 I think you know what's coming next. Don't you my little fanny fuckpots ?


  1. This is a brilliantly conceived and exquisitely executed sequence. Thanks so much, Bad Penny.

    1. Thank you! You make it sound so clever!.....Though in reality it's more a case of stream of consciousness with a bit of organisation on the fly. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Charlotta. I'm delighted that it tickled your fancy - and other parts.

  3. i think i would find being your toilet brush a promotion bad penny, could i please stay as your shoe and boot licker? :)


  4. Well bootsie, if you can fit it in I'd be very grateful (pun intended) but you'll need some nice strong hair gel if you don't wish to ruin your tongue dear.

  5. Hello, bad-penny.
    I'm Fidelenrich, owner of Shemales and Trannys blog.
    ¿Have you noticed about the changes in the Content policies of Blogger?
    I would like to exchange views with other bloggers to see how they will perform in front of that change, on 23 March.
    Also if you will keep the blog private, and in this case, if you can invite me to see it.
    Thank you for your attention and good luck.

  6. Hello Fidelenrich,
    Yes, I have seen the email and thank you for contacting me. I am looking for another host for this blog at the moment but I will be keeping this as a private blog as many of my visitors like to look at the archives. I think it would be pointless to erase it all just because I'm angry with Google. I will publish the password here later today and on all future posts until "The Big Freeze" on the 23rd. March.
    I will be doing all I can to stay in contact with you and other bloggers so that we can all exchange links and/or passwords.
    Thanks for all the pleasure your work has given us - I look forward to seeing more in the future.

    1. I have noticed about the pass: fuckgoogle.
      HEHE ... YEAH.
      I want to use the present traffic to the blog, to redirect to the new, so, I can not leave the content as it is. The Blog must remain public.
      But all the content there until today in my blog will be displayed in the renewed
      Angry with Blogger's fine. But you have to get over it and turn around the situation: You must use that negative energy to your advantage, do not you think?

  7. I agree completely! I always try to let myself express my anger and then drop it quickly and put the energy it generates to a constructive purpose. I've discovered that it's not as simple as I'd first thought to access this site after 23rd March. Users will need to give me their email addresses so that I can register them with Google. After what's happened this week anybody willing to give their details to Google is obviously mad and should be protected from themselves.

    I don't know yet when I'll switch to the new site but the address is

    Thanks for staying in contact and I wish you good luck for the future