Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Bad Penny Blues World Tour

Episode one
The Sillyness of The Lambkins

Oh no!! My God! Sebastien! Do Something! weeeauaagh!! not that you FOOL!!

What utter nonsense you silly old bats. I've been here conducting research for the next issue of Baa..Ohhh Victor..mmmm...ooooh..squeeeeal! do carry on darling..Oh as I was saying this issue describes the fall into shame and depravity of innocent clean limbed, pert buttocked young men.

Faithlessly restored from the mangled remains of the original.

Next, or perhaps before - Episode 2
"The Preparation of The Bride" 


  1. lovely bad penny, and i do have a vivid imagination

  2. read several possible story lines. all to better train myself. reinforce myself.

  3. Hope you haven't had a relapse dear thing. Thinking of you fifi dubois

    1. Silent for over amonth no trace of you at silks hope you are ok

  4. Concerned by your absence hope you are ok

  5. mmmmm all our thoughts and dreams are here :) xxx

  6. No posts for 2 months you're very much missed xxxx

  7. Where are you?? I miss you so much!!

  8. When oh when is the finest link in the world coming back? Please take pity on your loyal followers.
    A very Distressed Sissy

  9. I seek you here I seek you in silks tis like you have fallen off the end of the world where are you dear thing fifi duboiis

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  11. OK dear genderfolk. I'm sorry for my absence over the past few months and I've missed you like Hell too. I've had to grapple with some major decisions recently and I'm not the kind of person to do things by halves. So after a few months of long country walks, increased Tai Chi practice and long herbally powered contemplations {those who have ears, let them hear ;-) } I've formed a plan loose enough to cope with whatever reality throws at me but strong enough to bear my exquisite body. So, YES!!! Bad Penny Blues will rise again soon like a penis from the ashes although on a monthly basis. That's because another cyber domme and my bad self are pooling our 20+ years of experience to provide a delux web service for discerning girlies and boisies. We have loads of new ideas and we think you'll like them. If anyone is concerned for my health, I've just left hospital where a real hunk of a surgeon thoroughly inspected my cute bowels and prononced them "magnifique" and I'm awaiting some routine plumbing work within the near future..
    It's been a it's been a wonderful six years of fun and sticky fluids - let's do another six....yes?

  12. Am so happy to hear you are well. Welcome back dear thing. Fifi Dubois xx